Here you will find the documentation for the Activity Stream platform.
We hope it will help you get quickly up-to-speed and provide you with enough information to take full advantage of our platform.

Activity Stream API

Everything you need to know about sending event-messages, time-series data and other activity stream items to AS via REST API or via Message Queue. It also covers how to query the activity stream, deal with access controls and several other advanced topics when it comes to manipulating the activity stream.

Provisioning API

Here you learn how to configure the Activity Stream platform to suit your needs, how to create new users, create scoped API keys (for specific use-cases) and more. more

Analytic Queries

The Real-Time Analytics store is always up-to-date (more like up-to-the-second) and is capable of answering ad-hoc queries in an instance. Here you learn how to use the simple REST queries as well as to use advanced querying. more